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Photos horribles : un aigle coupé en deux au Danemark

Aigle coupé en deux au Danemark
Photo: Knud Pedersen /
Aigle coupé en deux au Danemark
Photo: Knud Pedersen /
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Contrepoints Un jeune aigle coupé en deux par une éolienne (Attention, choquant)
9 mai 2013

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Is this the first leak in the Danish cover-up on bird mortality at wind farms?

By Mark Duchamp, President of Save the Eagles International

At Save the Eagles International (STEI), we are not aware of any other. Denmark had remained, up till now, a virgin as regards birds killed by windfarms. At least this was the image being offered to the rest of the world.

Like the UK, France, and many other countries, Denmark doesn't conduct monitoring studies, or if it does, it doesn't publish them. This way the public remains blissfully unaware of the carnage actually taking place at windfarms.

In these countries as in so many others, bird societies keep remarkably silent over the windfarm issue - that's when they don't promote the bird choppers outright. "Conflict of interest" is a euphemism when it comes to their managements' behaviour.

At STEI, we often said that the truth about birds and bats being killed by windfarms would eventually come to the surface. We have been vindicated last year by the SEO/Birdlife study revealing the extent of the massacre in Spain: Spanish wind farms kill 6 to 18 million birds & bats a year

And now we have these sad pictures from Denmark: Se billederne: Havørn hakket midt over af vindmølle

So, there you have it: wind turbines across migratory routes - in Denmark this time. Did the national bird society protest when they were built? Did they ask for help from other bird societies internationally? - Over 10 years that I have been warning about such follies, I have never heard them express any concern.

Eagles, vultures, falcons, kites, storks, cranes, great bustards, swans, geese, ducks etc. and millions of bats are being killed yearly by windfarms all over Europe. Officially, scores of eagles have been killed in Germany, and in reality we may be talking of hundreds. But when no eagles will be left, who do you think will receive million-dollar grants to conduct an eagle reintroduction programme?

- Certainly not STEI.

In this business, the bad guys get the goodies.

Mark Duchamp +34 693 643 736
President, Save the Eagles International


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