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Wind farms: NEW HEALTH WARNING issued


The Waubra Foundation warns again wind turbine manufacturers, developers, acousticians and governments worldwide


Important letter date august 10th 2014 from Waubra Fondation to Ms Katarina Dea Zetko,
Civil Initiative for the Protection of Senožeška Brda (Slovenia):

"In my opinion, based on my first hand knowledge of what has happened to wind turbine neighbours in Australia and elsewhere internationally, this is a recklessly irresponsible and dangerous plan and will inevitably result in serious adverse health effects for citizens of Slovenia who are neighbours of such turbines, out to significant distances. This is happening around the world, and I know of no reason why Slovenian citizens will not have the same adverse health impacts being reported internationally.
Breaches of UN Convention Against Torture
Decisions made by public officials to approve such an unsafe development, or to allow a development to continue to operate in spite of directly causing adverse health consequences such as sleep deprivation and “sensory bombardment from noise”, could be held to be breaches of the UN Convention Against Torture. Both “sleep deprivation” and “sensory bombardment from noise” have been acknowledged as methods of torture by the Physicians for Human Rights. The UN Committee Against Torture has also specifically acknowledged that sleep deprivation is used as a method of torture".

Download letter here


"Acoustic engineers working with the wind industry have failed to abide by their professional codes of conduct to place the protection of the health of the community above commercial interests.

"Acoustic engineers who advised or wrote the government wind turbine noise pollution guidelines subsequent to the Kelley research, ensured that the very sound frequencies below 200 Hz known in 1985 to cause adverse health effects and symptoms known as “annoyance” were not included, and were never measured.

"Government bureaucracies including departments of health, planning and noise pollution have consistently failed to protect the health of residents, and failed to investigate and act when serious health problems including exhaustion, and home abandonment were reported by residents and their health practitioners. The first medical practitioner to report health problems to the authorities in Australia was Dr David Iser, in 2004."

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