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Échos > 2011 > Leicester Mercury - Wasteful wind turbines


Leicester Mercury
September 24, 2011

Wasteful wind turbines

In a bizarre PR stunt, the developers of the Low Spinney wind farm, near Lutterworth, propose to name their four 400ft turbines individually (Mercury, September 19).

In a helpful and constructive spirit, I'd like to offer my suggestions. Let's call them Wasteful, Inefficient, Needless and Detrimental. Together they spell "WIND".

Wind turbines deliver an intermittent trickle of very expensive electricity.

The operators receive vast subsidies (even when the wind farms, for technical reasons, are turned off). Not a single wind turbine would have been built in Britain without the massive subsidies, which are paid by us – the consumers.

With the Government's massive wind-farm programme, we are set to give Britain among the highest energy prices in the world.

Energy-intensive businesses are already looking to move off-shore, taking jobs with them. New investment will go elsewhere.

Domestic electricity prices may rise 60 per cent or more by 2020, leaving half of UK households in fuel poverty.

Over-dependence on wind, without adequate back-up, looks set to cause widespread shortages and electricity blackouts by the end of the decade.

Citizens across the East Midlands are sick and tired of seeing these monster turbines erected in our finest landscapes.

If they made sense in environmental or economic terms, we might bite our tongues and put up with them. But they don't. They're merely gesture politics on a grand scale, and at our expense.

Note to Cameron and Osborne: Nothing ensures that an incumbent Government is voted out as surely as large-scale electricity supply failures.

Fuel poverty doesn't help either.

Roger Helmer, MEP, Conservative, East Midlands.

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