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The most essential information concerning Wind turbines

Mauri Johansson

Spokesman of EPAW for Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) plus Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
MD (Specialist in Community & Occupational Health. Master in Humanities and Health studies, MHH) - Prevention & Health Promotion (Denmark)

 From month to month we have seen how the wind turbine “adventure” has turned out to be a catastrophe for the ordinary electricity consumers and parts of the even subsidized industry. Some countries, like Spain and other, have already taken the consequences and stopped subsidizing erection of wind turbines. This has, as expected, nearly totally stopped for huge, new (very costly) turbines. Brutal methods are used in the developing world to find new profitable wt markets (see Turkey, Mexico and elsewhere).

 But now it looks like that Australia, with a high per capita number of wt’s, have taken the leading role. The liberal Tony Abbot government has announced that it will reduce/eliminate further subsidies to new wt projects. I add a sequence of links to forward the most essential information to you so you have the full background. Note and read the many links in the single articles. Please forward it to central decision makers and the press in your countries to strengthen the activity.



Wind Industry’s “Death By A Thousand Cuts”: RET Review Panel – current RET should go

August 29, 2014
Dick “RET Slayer” Warburton: mission accomplished.

The RET Review Panel has delivered the final blow for the Australian wind industry, with recommendations that include killing the RET rort from here on: the Panel recommending that the current 41,000 GWh target be abolished – and that the door be firmly shut on any new wind farm investments...more

Professor Ross McKitrick: Wind turbines don’t run on wind, they run on subsidies.

August 31, 2014


As STT followers are acutely aware, wind power is an economic and environmental fraud. Because wind power can only ever be delivered at crazy, random intervals – and, therefore, never “on-demand” – it will never be a substitute for those generation sources which are – ie hydro, nuclear, gas and coal... more

Subsidising Wind Power: A Sure-Fire Job Killer

September 1, 2014
spain unemployment

Wind power subsidies: a sure-fire job killer, just ask Spain.

As the wind industry gravy train shudders to a halt in Australia, the wind industry and its parasites are working overtime to garner support for retention of the completely unsustainable 41,000 GWh mandatory Renewable Energy Target.....more

 Of Unicorns & Pink Elephants: “Reliance” on Wind Power is Pure “Green” Fantasy

September 2, 2014
Unicorn Drinking from a River
As likely as wind power being there when you need it.

When it comes to their demand for electricity, the power consumer has a couple of basic needs: when they hit the light switch they assume illumination will shortly follow and that when the kettle is kicked into gear it’ll be boiling soon thereafter. And the power consumer assumes that these – and similar actions in a household or business – will be open to them at any time of the night or day, every day of the year......more

The Economic Storage of Wind Power is a Pipe-Dream

September 3, 2014
giant battery 2
Sure it’s big, but what’s it cost??

The wind industry is the perpetual infant of power generation: always looking for the subsidies to last that little bit longer; always promising to improve its performance; always claiming it will outdo hydro, coal and gas – provided, of course, that the subsidies keep flowing. STT for one thinks the wind industry has had ample time to grow up and stand on its own two feet...more.

Angus Taylor: Coalition set to kill the wind industry, while supporting rooftop solar

September 6, 2014


With the wind industry reeling after the RET review panel delivered its recommendation to slam the door shut on any more wind farms (see our post here), it’s sought to whip up support for the mandatory RET by enlisting the usual band of useful Marxist idiots (like GetUp! and to rally a band of imaginary troops (apparently ready to die on the barricades); and to rattle cans to fund super-shrill ad campaigns. What’s that they say about “astro-turfing”?....... more

Why Intermittent Wind Power Increases CO2 Emissions in the Electricity Sector

September 7, 2014


The central, endlessly repeated lie (upon which the great wind power fraud rests) is that increasing wind power generation results in decreases in CO2 emissions.

In Australia, the central object of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 is for “renewable” energy to “reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the electricity sector” (see s3). But, somewhere along the way, what was a CO2 abatement scheme became an industry subsidy scheme which is nothing short of “corporate welfare on steroids”.....more

Australian Wind Industry Doomed: Tony Abbott Signals the End of the Mandatory RET

August 27, 2014

The wind industry forecast: dark days ahead.

STT followers have been delighted with news that Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann have teamed up to axe the mandatory RET


Senator Chris Back: Wind Industry must prove its CO2 abatement claims

September 8, 2014
Chris Back

Chris Back: it’s time the wind industry put up or shut up.

In our last post we tipped a bucket on the central, endlessly repeated lie trotted out by the wind industry and its parasites, that Australia’s great wind rush has resulted in substantial reductions of CO2 emissions in the electricity sector.more



The clear conclusion is: wind turbine produced electricity has NEWER been either GREEN or SUSTAINABLE.  It has always been expensive and fluctuating, requiring an everlasting, costly and heavily CO2 -producing fossil back-up, on constant high level activity, only not producing electricity, before the wind stops blowing – which happens often and unforeseeable and the wt speculators – for free – can rely on publicly paid backup. Why ever support them? A big fake and “mistake”. 

Premiere Abbot and Senator Chris Back’s are in this situation the most central actors. Read in particular the press release from Chris Back 8.9.-14 and his citations of his presentation in the Australian Senate , September 3rd, 2014. 

They unconditionally show what piles of lies the whole story of “green” and “renewable” the wt industry and collaborators have built their mythology upon since the 1990 – starting in  Denmark and systematically exported and lobbied. Denmark has from the very beginning been the main exporter of turbines and “security” noise and distance orders/rules, including those in the critical infra- and low frequency frequencies – keeping all medical experience on arms length and avoiding public involvement. 

But, as you can see , Australia has now said “enough”. From economical, health, esthetical and moral reasons. Subsidies to wt’s will be stopped.

Local roof solar panels still may get some support. Other, de facto renewable, technologies must be developed by the money now available. There are several possibilities that have been badly suppressed by the coal, oil and now wind industries for decades.

I propose that as many of the national wt resistance organizations in very near future use the Australian initiative and raise the political debate in their countries. In that way we can join our weak forces toward the stenching rich wt industries and not at least the political and administrative systems that totally have misunderstood their responsibility for the health and welfare of their populations.

A few months ago it has been public that the EU has taken the Danish and other member countries reimbursement rules for wind turbines to be contrary to EU competition laws. This is just now being negotiated in Brussels.

So the time is rife for efficient actions to stop the wt madness, here and now, like in Australia. 

Further information see : and  also for medical problems among wt neighbors  and

are also of big help for so many wt neighbors in troubles.
All my best,
Mauri Johansson, MD