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Echos > 2013 > UK to cut onshore subsidies

UK to cut onshore subsidies

UKIP is making the coalition government nervous

Logo BBCDecember 4, 2013
By James Landale, Deputy political editor

Major changes for government renewable energy subsidies

"Ministers say they will cut support for onshore wind and solar energy, but give more backing to offshore wind power."
"The price producers are promised for onshore wind power and solar energy will be cut from 2015, while the amount paid for offshore wind power will be increased."
"Sources from both coalition parties said there had been so much investment in onshore wind and solar energy that they no longer needed so much state support."
"Both Conservative and Liberal Democrat sources said the decision made good political sense because they would have a policy that countered the threat from the UK Independence Party, which opposes all wind farms on principle."

Our comment: don't hold your breath, it's probably another empty electoral promise. Conservatives and Lib Dems need money to win the next elections, and we know where much of the money will be coming from → Windfarms are only good for financing political parties, says Duchamp

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