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Two Eastern European countries dump renewables

Subsidies too expensive, wind unreliable:
Czechs and Poles go back to coal

Destroyed wind turbine
The state of renewable energy in the Czech Republic as the Government abandons renewables for coal, in order to maintain the country’s international competitiveness

“The rapid disintegration of the EU’s Climate Policy continues as the Czech Republic decides to abandon costly and unreliable renewable energy and double it’s use of coal, a policy that puts the country in direct confrontation with the EU.

“In July the Czech Government approved a law to stop subsidies for new renewables projects at the end of 2013, it was known as far back as 2010 that the cost of Green subsidies was going to cause problems for the economy.

“Now the Green Dream is virtually extinct in the Czech Republic, dying to the wail of the Green NGO’s and renewable energy boondogglers who as usual are threatening legal action to keep those Green taxpayer funded subsidies rolling in.”

“When dealing with the Green EU Politburo former Eastern bloc countries like the Czech Republic and Poland have a distinct advantage over the cold war western nations, nations that were once subjugated under Communism and Socialism know how to identify a totalitarian regime from the outset.

“As the former President Vaclav Klaus said in 2011 “The Green Agenda has parallels with the excesses Communism“, and having grown up under the hammer and sickle Klaus certainly has the experience to identify the similarities between the Green Agenda and Soviet bloc style communism.”

Read the full article: Tory Aardvark | September 16, 2013


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