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March 2012 Issue 60


Wind slashes 16% off value?

The farmhouse at the centre of the high profile Deeping St Nicholas wind farm nuisance case has been sold at a 16% loss.

Selling the house – valued at £165,000 in 2007 (£149k in today’s prices) – for £125,000, a £24k discount, could infer that a nearby wind farm cuts house values by 16%. This is believed to be the largest recorded drop in the valuation of a property caused by the building of a nearby wind farm.

The Deeping St Nicholas wind farm caused many unwelcome headlines for the wind industry. Fenland Windfarms built the turbines close to Jane Davis’s farmhouse and she complained of excess amplitude modulation. She claimed it was so bad that she had to move into rented accommodation.

Eventually she sued the windfarm operator Fenland Windfarms for nuisance and damages and the case reached the High Court. After 13 days in court, the case was settled on a confidential basis and the terms of the settlement have never been made public (Noise Bulletin December 2011 p1).

However Noise Bulletin has now checked the publicly available records of the Land Registry which reveal that the farmhouse was sold on 21st February to Fenland Windfarms Ltd. During the course of the trial, and at a Valuation Tribunal, the farmhouse was valued at £160,000 at the time the wind farm was opening.

The confidential settlement of the High Court nuisance action was intended to avoid the matter becoming a precedent for others who live near wind farms and complain of nuisance.

—> Search it for yourself, feed the postcode PE11 3JX into Our ‘today’ prices’ reduction of 9.67% was taken from with the house valued at £165k in 2007.

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Noise Bulletin March 2012


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