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Darmstadt Manifesto

Fifteen years ago, a surprisingly large number of distinguished professors were warning the German government:

"A type of technology is being promoted before its effectiveness and its consequences have been properly assessed. The industrial transformation of cultural landscapes which have evolved over centuries and even of whole regions is being allowed. Ecologically and economically useless wind generators, some of which are as high as 120 metres and can be seen from many kilometres away, are not only destroying the characteristic landscape of our most valuable countryside and holiday areas, but are also having an equally radical alienating effect on the historical appearance of our towns and villages which until recently had churches, palaces and castles as their outstanding features to give them character in a densely populated landscape. More and more people are subjected to living unbearably close to machines of oppressive dimensions. Young people are growing up into a world in which natural landscapes are breaking up into tragic remnants."


"The real problem of population growth and above all the resultant phenomenon of escalating land use and consumption of drinking water supplies is however being pushed aside and being considered instead as a marginal phenomenon."


"Although Germany has taken the lead in the expansion of wind energy use, it has not been possible to date to replace one single nuclear or coal-fired power station. Even if Germany continues to push ahead with the expansion, it will still not be possible in the future. The electricity produced by wind power is not constant because it is dependent on meteorological conditions, but electricity supplies need to be in line with consumption at all times. For this reason wind energy cannot be used to any significant degree as a substitute for conventional power station capacities."


"More and more people describe their lives as unbearable when they are directly exposed to the acoustic and optical effects of wind farms. There are reports of people being signed off sick and unfit for work, there is a growing number of complaints about symptoms such as pulse irregularities and states of anxiety, which are known from the effects of infrasound (sound of frequences below the normal audible limit)."

Yes, this was written fifteen years ago! And look at the list of signatories, all from Germany: impressive, to say the least. This gives us an idea of the colossal propaganda effort that has been going on to negate the negative effects of wind turbines, and to make believe wind farms are useful.

But no amount of propaganda can bury the truth forever. With the larger turbines, infrasound emissions can no longer be denied: too many people suffer sleep disorders and other WTS* symptoms. And this is taking epidemic proportions.

* WTS: Wind Turbine Syndrome.

Governments knew, the wind industry knew, acousticians knew*. The victims will be soon be vindicated, and those responsible for this disaster held to account.

* See: Governments, scientists, and the wind industry knew! - They have been covering up for 25 years

Download the Darmstadt Manifesto with its covering letter


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