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American Tradition Institute Colorado Lawsuit

American Tradition Institute
Part 1 - Pollution Issues
American Tradition Institute
Part 2 - Constitutionality
American Tradition Institute
Part 3 - Possible Outcomes

August 15, 2011

American Tradition Institute has posted the last of its three-part series of videos that explain why its Environmental Law Center sued the State of Colorado in federal court, claiming that the state’s Renewable Energy Standard violates the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. In Part 1 Dr. David Schnare discusses why forcing wind energy on the electrical grid produces more carbon dioxide emissions and pollutants than does electricity just generated by fossil fuels, and in Part 2 he explains why Colorado’s Renewable Energy Standard is a violation of the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

In Part 3 released today, Dr. Schnare explores what the possible outcomes might be should Colorado’s Renewable Energy Standard be declared unconstitutional.

“What is likely is they will turn to Washington and say, ‘give us a federal law that does what our state law does,’ and they will lobby for that,” Dr. Schnare says. “When that fails, the marketplace will then have an effect, and the marketplace will say, ‘take wind off the grid; it’s not a good deal.’”

In the first video Dr. Schnare highlighted the lawsuit’s premise: How wind power is not clean or free, as many environmental groups claim, and therefore does not provide a local benefit to Coloradans.

In Part 2 he explained how under the Commerce Clause, a state cannot set up an economic boundary at the state line — some kind of a hurdle for out-of-state people to get involved and to be in Colorado’s marketplace.

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