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North Holland bans wind turbines

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NOS | September 5, 2012

September 9, 2012
by P. Gosselin


North Holland province says “No” to new windparks: “Mega money pit with virtually no merit”

North Holland province, shaded dark, is among the prime regions for wind power conditions globally. Yet, a study calls windparks there a “mega money pit with no merit”!

The Dutch province of North Holland has realised that windparks are a complete and useless eyesore that blight the landscape, and they save very little CO2. Therefore, the province has decided to forbid their construction. Hat-tip Science Skeptical here.

The North Holland region would seem to be ideally situated to take advantage of the windy North Sea. Indeed it would be difficult to find a more suitable spot for windmills. So if windparks there don’t make sense, what does that tells us about other places? Read here (in Dutch).

As a result, 20 planned windparks have been recently forbidden. Only a single planned token windpark in the Wieringermeer may be built.

The senselessness of the wild construction of weather-dependent windparks is revealed by a Dutch study here. Science Skeptical writes that experts “found out that the real fuel savings, and thus the reduction in CO2 output, is a whole 1.6% of the windpark’s rated capacity.”

“Adding it all up, one must conclude that under the present conditions in the Netherlands a 100 MW (Megawatt) ‘name plate’ capacity wind development produces on average 23 MW because of the capacity factor. 4,6 MW (20%) of this has to be subtracted from the final net result because of initial energy investments. From the actual Statline production figures we know that 27% of this 23 MW = 6,17 MW represents the actual fossil fuel and CO2 savings. But from this figure we need to subtract the amount of energy invested in the construction works: 4,6 MW. The net total of fuel saving electricity provided by our wind turbines therefore is 6.17 – 4.6 = 1.57 MW on average over the year. That is ~ 1.6% of the installed capacity. It makes wind developments a mega money pit with virtually no merit in terms of the intended goal of CO2 emission reduction or fossil fuel saving.”

This conclusion needs to be made known to anyone thinking about installing a windpark.

Are you listening, Renewables Guy?

NoTricksZone | September 9, 2012