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Collective madness, or corrupt system?


Map: The Telegraph | 31 Oct. 2012

The British countryside, birds, bats: massacred!
Other victims: windfarm neighbours (sleep deprivation, headaches, nausea, depression, stress, cardiac arrests, possibly even cancers*); tourism; quality of life; cost of living; the economy; etc.

* see our trilogy on infrasound (third part, soon to be published)

We know that an intermittent, uncontrollable energy such as windpower saves neither fuel nor emissions, because it needs thermal plants to back it up, ramping up and down to compensate the vagaries of the wind, and burning twice as much fuel in the process.
--> see: PROOF: windfarms = zero GHG savings

To back-up windfarms, France has built, in the last few years, and without publicity, 15 gas-fired power stations. Germany is presently building 23 coal-fired power stations.

So, what good are all these windfarms? Are our politicians mad?
- It's unlikely. But some explain the wind folly by the corruption of the political system. Where billion-dollar subventions can be obtained, and building permits are needed, lobbies will spend millions to finance electoral campaigns. And this is where the problem lies, according to the book Throw Them All Out.