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Dokumente > Bücher > BESAT AF VIND (Occupied by wind) - Peter Skeel Hjorth

Peter Skeel Hjorth

Besat af vind

"Occupied by wind"

Denmark "occupied" by wind turbines: this new book was just published, proof that wind turbines are meeting with a growing opposition in that country, notwithstanding the (precarious) jobs that Vestas has created. Let's hope it will be translated into English.

Peter Skeel Hjorth - Besat af vind

”… should be required reading for all decision-makers in respect of wind power. It’s most certainly useful reading for all present and future victims of their decisions.

“OCCUPIED BY WIND puts into words the frustration and worries many of us feel when we are faced with industrial, land-based wind power.

Peter Skeel Hjorth


The drawbacks of a green industry

DKK 288,-

352 pages

Published by Saxo

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