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Cork: wind turbine caught fire and threw a flaming blade dozens of metres
Fire at Cappaboy Wind Farm West Cork Ireland
VIDEO : blowing up a wind turbine with dynamite for the first time in France after an uncontrolled fire
Windrad bei Sternberg abgebrannt
Quand les éoliennes perdent d’énormes morceaux de tôle…
Feuer in 65 Metern Höhe - Windrad abgebrannt
Lethal wind turbine accident in the Netherlands - A Vestas turbine catches fire: two workers killed
Windkraftanlage in Sande ausgebrannt
Lahr (Baden-Württemberg): a wind turbine burns completely - The firefighters are powerless
Une éolienne en flammes dans la Marne
Windfarm batteries on fire: here goes the solution to intermittency!
Windfarm fire burns 367 acres in California
Chute de pale en Eure-et-Loir
RTL - Fuite d'huile sur une éolienne à Leuze-en-Hainaut (Belgique)
STV - Wind turbine bursts into flames as hurricane-force winds hit Scotland
Wind turbine spectacular collapse in Kirtorf (Hesse, Germany)
Wind turbine ablaze at Ostermarsch, Germany
Two wind turbines on fire in Drôme, France
Earth, Wind and Fire
Wind turbine on fire in Vendée, France
Feuer in 60 Metern Höhe
Wind turbine spun out of control in Denmark
Wind turbine in Germany destroyed by lightning
Firefighters helpless as turbine burns
Wind turbine on fire in Portugal



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