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Wind Wise Radio

August 13, 2012

Shambolic Scottish Policy with Struan Stevenson, MEP

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Comment of M. Y., member of EPAW:

« The latest episode from Wind Wise Radio featured a pre-recorded interview with Struan Stevenson which starts at 33.25 and runs for the remainder of the programme.

Struan did well; introduced Americans to the word 'shambolic' and covered very competently trashing of Scotland's landscape, mentioning the potential vandalism of Lochs Ness and Lomond and the actual impact on views from Stirling Castle.

He covered capacity; subsidy; lack of reduction of CO2; spinning reserve; the background to targets; myths; impact on homes and businesses; impact on property valuations; Trump and his golf course and the fact that Scotland would be encased by offshore turbines; green zealots, including organisations such as WWF and Greenpeace.

He spoke about who pays and the transfer of money from poor to rich; campaigning, CATS; politicians and energy companies lying to the public; the release of CO2 from peat bogs and blue carbon stores.

The interviewer got it right when he said "It seemed like an environment policy war with itself". »

Ill Wind Reporting Up and Running

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Comment of M. Y., member of EPAW:

« Also on the programme were details about this website which has recently been set up by two women in Ontario - a site to report complaints with regard to turbines - noise/flicker/bird kill/ surges, etc. People who are intimidated and/or frustrated by filing formal complaints can self report. The intention is that material used will be extrapolated and form a database of figures which are difficult to obtain from official sources. »

Wind Wise Radio | August 13, 2012


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