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Multimedia > Testimonies > Denmark: people sick from Wind Turbine Syndrome

Denmark: people sick from Wind Turbine Syndrome

As bigger turbines replace smaller ones, more people are affected

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Alex Ramis Luque YouTube channel | December 23, 2013

Under pressure from angry windfarm neighbours, the Danish government has had no choice but to launch a study into the health effects of wind turbines. But don't hold your breath:

  • in Denmark as elsewhere, official studies protect the interests of the wind industry; so this new one is likely to deny any health problem. It was no different with the asbestos and tobacco industries: it took decades, a lot of sick people, and finally some deaths before politicians were forced to come clean.
  • the study won't be published till 2015: this way the victims will be silenced for two years, during which time many more wind turbines will be installed, much bigger ones which emit more infrasound. And after publication, it will be much harder for victims to complain, or to find justice in the courts. Official studies, white papers and other government-financed reports are actually political weapons forged for a well defined purpose: prove that the government is right, however wrong it may be.


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