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Multimedia > Environmental destruction > NO to the destruction of Crete from industrial Renewable Energy Sources - Sign the petition!

NO to the destruction of Crete from industrial Renewable Energy Sources
Please sign the international petition!

Petition published by Παγκρήτιο Δίκτυο Αγώνα κατά των βιομηχανικών ΑΠΕ

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We, the signatories to this petition, are asking from the Greek Government and the Interministerial Committee of Strategic Investments, the immediate cancellation of the permits for the three iRES projects of 2.151 MW installed capacity planned for Crete and their withdrawal from the unconstitutional law Fast Track for investment acceleration.

These projects, which ignore the real energy needs of the island, which are not covered by any substantial spatial and developmental planning, which have not been submitted to any public consultation, are absurd, illegal and therefore, not welcome here.

We ask the government and the heads of the related Ministries, instead of promoting the selling off of our land’s natural and cultural heritage through obscure procedures and basically for nothing, to listen to the real needs of the community and act in a spirit of measure and fairness.

We ask, instead of the unconditional concession of almost all ridges, plains, protected areas and private properties, to big investors of wind, hybrid – hydroelectric, photovoltaic and solar thermal power stations, to actively support the installation of renewable energy projects for self-production and self-consumption (so that there is real diffusion of the benefits of these technologies to local communities), while saving energy and supporting productive activities.

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