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New website, Ontario: Ontario Wind Action
Nouveau site web : Ontario Wind Action

(Lorrie and Sherri 18 novembre2015 )



There is a new website on line now. We talked about this for a while now. It is by no means comprehensive, but represents more of a statement of faith on a number of core values and facts, and expresses the need for action,  with its heart in a group of very committed individuals. Remember how a few committed persons can alter the course.

This site can now be accessed here:

Please tell us if you wish to be on the mail list.  Please also note: we welcome members of all other groups! We encourage cross membership, because you will always get more ideas, and more info....we all tap into different pools of media outlets, and groups of warriors.

We intend to be more active, more OUT THERE, and not mince words. We have a new PM who intends to spread the misery of industrial wind even deeper.  We have a Premier who does not listen to the AG, and who blindly rubber stamps even more projects, in all manner of areas, without any regard for community dissension, disapproval, or common sense.

Please note the activity in Turkey in the last few months.  Strong action, strong words, intention to shut this industry down.  This CAN BE DONE.

Lorrie and Sherri

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