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Echoes > 2012 > Sweden's Royal Academy of Science highly critical of wind power

Sweden's Royal Academy of Science highly critical of wind power

Behovet av el kan inte anpassas till vindens växlingar utan måste anpassas till användarnas behov, skriver ledamöterna i Kungl. Vetenskapsakademiens Energiutskott. Foto: Stig-Åke Jönsson/SCANPIX

Translation of the main points by EPAW's spokesman in Scandinavia, Peter Skeel Hjorth:

  • Multi-billion-dollar subsidies for wind power are wasteful
  • Wind power production is negligible
  • 10 TWh of wind power would require costly expansions to the distribution network
  • Expansion of wind power will harm Swedish competitiveness
  • Expansion of wind power will cost dearly to electricity customers
  • Expansion of wind power will not reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • The subsidies could be better spent on other things

Thirteen of Sweden's most eminent scientists within climate and energy explain that the current Swedish wind power investment is a huge mistake that will cost the Swedish people billions of dollars without providing any benefits to the country. It is also stated that wind production is minuscule, but was it to increase significantly then it would entail additional costs to electricity consumers in the form of demands for increased network expansion and back up power generation. All in all this means that the expansion of wind power as a whole is negative for the electricity consumers and for Sweden's competitiveness. There are no environmental benefits either because wind power is not able to reduce carbon emissions.



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