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Golden Eagle
Species at risk from the vast blades: the Golden Eagle, majestic bird of prey with a wingspan of nearly 8ft that can fly at up to 150mph. The RSPB says there are fewer than 500 breeding pairs left in the UK. Photo: Mail Online

The RSPB under attack

The famous bird society from the UK faces a flurry of critiques for its role in the cover up of bird mortality at windfarms.

Mail Online, 7 April 2013: RSPB makes a killing... from windfarm giants behind turbines accused of destroying rare birds

Mark Duchamp, the conservationist who is president of Save the Eagles International, adds the following comment:

Proof that the RSPB doesn't care

The risk to young eagles, which roam over entire countries for 4 years before settling down on a territory, is never assessed in Environmental Impact Statements required for windfarm projects. Consultants paid by the promoters only assess the risk to breeding pairs nesting nearby - and they pull the usual tricks to conclude that the risk is "acceptable". But these tricks wouldn't work for wandering young eagles, which fly everywhere, especially over windy hills where windfarms are built. So they just "forget" to assess the risk to young eagles.

Do the RSPB object to this grave oversight? - They don't.

The obvious conclusion is: they don't care for the next generation of eagles, i.e. for the future of the species.

I call for their top management to be overturned. Failing this, their members should resign en masse.

Mark Duchamp


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