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Ruido, salud
Nocebo effect R.I.P.
Health: update on the situation
A remarkable letter to the French Minister for Health
Wind farms: HEALTH WARNING issued
Unethical health professionals under attack
Children having problems with windfarms - Letter from a school superintendent
Professor Alec Salt shames the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants
Health effects recognised in UK
Leading Danish newspaper severely criticises Vestas on the noise issue
A bombshell from Australia - Governments, scientists, and the wind industry knew! - They have been covering up for 25 years
Danish wind farms: a conflict of interest hurting citizens’ health
An Australian doctor alerts to the dangers of infrasound (radio interview)
Professionals voice concern
Video: Health effects explained - It isn't just annoying noise
Health effects of ILFN can cause death
Un Estado Australiano medirá los infrasonidos emitidos por los molinos
Pierpont comments on “Effects of industrial wind turbine noise on sleep and health”
Today your neighbour, tomorrow you!
Wind power: Dr. Alan Watts interview
Letter to Professor Chapman from Dr Sarah Laurie, CEO, Waubra Foundation
Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise - Part 2: Infrasound felt up to 40 km
Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise - Part 1: Truth no longer denied
Haga su propia investigación
From the prestigous British Medical Journal: Wind turbine noise
A legal opinion on nuisance from wind turbines, from the UK
Australia se preocupa por la salud de los vecinos
Alarma social y huevos sin yema en Australia
Danish noise regulations: The poor and the lower middle class sacrificed on the altar of Big Wind
An important message to windfarm neighbours
Wind Turbine Syndrome - El muro de los dolores
Estudio de McPherson - Infrasonidos: la prueba indiscutible
Ruido/Salud: Vestas presiona el gobierno Danés
A Summary of new evidence:
Adverse health effects and industrial wind turbines - August 2011
TWA, NA-PAW, EPAW media release
July 25, 2011
Carl V. Phillips - Properly Interpreting the Epidemiologic Evidence About the Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines on Nearby Residents
Las víctimas de los aerogeneradores se unan para defenderse
Australian health foundation warns wind industry and politicians



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