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El muro de los dolores

Dr Nina Pierpont and her husband Calvin Luther Martin have pinned the most significant witnessed accounts of the Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS) on this wall:

Wall of pain

These add up to a considerable amount of PAIN, not just "annoyance" as friends of the wind industry pretend. Some of these victims have ended up in hospitals, some have died, all have had their lives ruined either temporarily or forever. For if a wind farm is built close to your home, the latter becomes unsalable, or at best you'll manage to sell it at a great loss, substantially affecting your quality of life. You'll feel like you're living in hell until you manage to run away. And if you can't, you'll be in hell on earth till you die: you've become collateral damage of green fascism. And no, this is not too strong a word: wait till YOU become road kill yourself, till you can no longer get enough sleep, till headaches become commonplace, till your health degrades in dozens of ways, till you become so angry at corrupt politicians that it pumps up your heart pressure.

What is Wind Turbine Syndrome?

Is WTS documented, and the low-frequency noise emitted by wind turbines, the infrasounds, the vibrations that walls can't stop, etc.?

Was the book Wind Turbine Syndrome peer reviewed?

Videos, cartoons, etc. on the WTS

Cartoon by Josh


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