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July 20, 2011

Victims of Industrial Wind Installations

Around the world, victims suffering from adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines are being labelled anti-wind, opponents, objectors and being against wind turbines. These claims are made by the industry, government officials, some of the media and some of the members of the public.

On behalf of the VOW (Victims of Wind), I wish to express my concern regarding this inappropriate characterization of those suffering adverse health effects from living in close proximity to these large scale wind energy facilities.

This pre-emptive stereotyping of people with legitimate concerns indicates the wind energy industry and government officials have little else left with which to attack its victims. The science has caught up and surpassed the culture of denial and unbecoming characterization of victims. Is this all they have to offer? Name calling is a poor substitute for the truth – that people world-wide are suffering symptoms as a result of flawed government policies and the implementation of them.

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