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The infrasound debate heats up

Professor Alec Salt shames the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants

Alec Salt
Alec N. Salt, Professor of Otolaryngology

After giving the engineer a lesson in anatomy, the Professor of Otolaryngology tells the AAAC Chairman: "In my view, your statements are so misleading they need to be retracted."

And misleading they are. The Position Statement of the AAAC on windfarms is a typical negationist document white-washing the health effects of wind turbines, one we have grown accustomed to read on the part of consultants hired and paid by the wind industry.

Download the courageous* rebuttal by Professor Alec Salt:

* it takes courage to tell the truth against the immensely powerful coalition of Big Wind, self-serving politicians, worshippers of politically-correct science, red-green activists, and highly paid consultants who defend huge financial interests against the humble people who must live with emissions of pulsating infrasound penetrating into their bedrooms.

I am stunned that someone who professes to be an expert in acoustics could state something so misleading as “People themselves generate infrasound through things like their own heartbeat, through breathing and these levels of infrasound can be substantially higher than an external noise source.”

Stimulation of the ear occurs not directly by pressure (which is why deep sea divers can still hear) but by induced motions of the inner ear fluids, which in turn move sensory tissues and motion-sensitive cells.