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An important message to windfarm neighbours

If you already have wind turbines operating near your home or workplace, or if you will have some in the future, we advise as follows:

There is increasing recognition around the world that some people begin to develop some new health problems, or experience worsening of pre-existing health problems, after a nearby wind turbine development starts operating. This can happen with just one wind turbine, and people are reporting these symptoms out to a distance of 10km (or more in some places).

Some people are affected right away, whereas others develop the symptoms over time, many months later.

For many individuals, it is subtle, and they or their families only start to realize they are being affected if they go away from home and the symptoms go away, only to return when they come back home AND the turbines are operating. Many people do not initially link the operating wind turbines with their symptoms, especially if they are unable to get away from their home (near the operating wind turbines) for longer periods of time and notice for themselves that they are feeling much better.

It would therefore be a good idea to maintain a detailed personal health journal or diary, noting the date, the time, and the particular symptoms or problems you experience. Certain weather conditions and wind directions also are consistently reported to be associated with symptoms being experienced, or symptoms worsening. This information is also worth recording.

Sharing the contents of your journal with your treating medical practitioner would prove helpful to him, and therefore to you. It could also be useful to your attorney, if you decide one day to sue the windfarm developer and the land owner. Class action lawsuits are also a possibility. From any standpoint, personal health journals are very useful.

If you would like further information, we recommend you view the video here: as well as the following webpages:

Model for a Personal Health Journal, by:

Sarah Laurie, MD*
Chief Executive Officer
The Waubra Foundation

*Editor’s note: Dr. Laurie’s Australian medical degree, BMBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), is equivalent to the MD degree in the United States. We have listed her as “MD,” since few people outside Australia know what BMBS stands for.

Personal Health Journals

If you are concerned that the turbines may be having an effect on you or your family’s health, one way of seeing whether or not your concerns are justified is to start keeping a detailed journal or diary. This information is often used by acousticians to try and help people affected by noise from other sources, and residents elsewhere have found it very helpful for themselves, and for their local health practitioners to identify a pattern to their symptoms, if there is one.

I suggest keeping the information either in an exercise book used only for this, or entering the information into a spreadsheet on the computer if you prefer. It is best to do this at the time you are experiencing the symptoms.

I suggest noting the following:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Blood pressure (if relevant)
  • Heart rate (if relevant)
  • Detailed description of symptoms, and what you are doing at the time they occur, how long they last, and anything else relevant
  • Weather conditions
  • Wind direction
  • Estimated wind speed (e.g. no wind, light breeze, strong, or gale)
  • Turbines turning (if you can see them - some people can’t)