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877 member organisations
from 27 European countries:

New members:

France: Poitou Charentes
Pas de Vent en Haute Saintonge
member #877

France: Ile de France
Yvelines Environnement
member #876

France: Poitou-Vienne
Association Apache
member #875

France: Languedoc-Roussillon
Sauvergarde Du Territoire Porte Sud Du Minervois
member #874

Deutschland: Baden-Württemberg
Bürgerinitiative Pro-Tauschwal
member #873

UK: Scotland
Save Loch Ness and the Great Glen
member #872

France: Sarthe
Pour la Préservation du Cadre de Vie du Sud- Est du Pays Manceau
member #871

France: Mayenne
Association Bien vivre dans le Craonnais
member #870

UK: Scotland
Wind Energy's Absurd
member #869

France: Bourgogne
member #868

France: Sud-Auvergne
Association des Riverains du Bès
member #867

France: Vendée
Côte Ouest Sans Eolienne
member #866

France: AISNE
member #865

France: Bretagne-Morbihan
member #864

France: Champagne Ardenne
Les Vues Imprenables
member #863

Deutschland: Niedersachsen
Bürgerinitiative Hoher Hagen
member #862

France: Normandie
Association de protection du site des Petites Dalles
member #861

Grèce: Athen
Windbag of Aeolous
member #860

France: Pays de la Loire-Sarthe
Association de préservation du Patrimoine Chemiréen
member #859

Deutschland: Rheinland-Pfalz
Interessengemeinschaft Windkraftfreies Wolfersheck
member #858

Belgium: Wallonie
"STOP aux Eoliennes d'Aische Liernu"
member #857

France: Limousin -Correze
Agir Pour le Pays d'Eygurande
member #856

France: Auvergne
Quel horizon pour le pays d'Issoire
member #855

France: Centre /Boischaut
Collectif de La Marche du Vent Libre
member #854

Canada: Ontario
Ontario Coalition for Harm-to-Health from Industrial Wind Turbine
member #853

France: Pays de loire
Le Vent Tourne à Guenrouët Quilly
member #852

France: Pays de la Loire
Vent d'Anjou: Plus Belle notre Verzée
member #851

Deutschland: Hessen
Windkraft Grävenwiesbach
member #850

Suisse: Jura vaudois
Vol au Vent – Jura-Vaud Nord sans éoliennes-membre de Paysage-Libre Vaud
member #849

Suisse: Jura vaudois
Pieduvent membre de Paysage-Libre Vaud
member #848

member #847

France: Pays de la Loire
Vents d'Iré et du pays loiréen
member #846

France: Poitou-Charentes, département des Deux-Sèvres (79)
member #845

France: Bourgogne / Côte d’Or
Aper Vpec (Association pour la Préservation de notre Environnement Rural – Villages Voisins du Projet Eolien de Cessey-Sur-Tille)
member #844

France: Languedoc Roussillon
Association pour la Protection des Payages et des Ressources de l'Escandorgue et du Lodévois
member #843

France: Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Non au Projet eolien de Walincourt-selvigny et Haucourt en Cambresis
member #842

France: Haute-Loire
Protégeons Taillard
member #841

France: Centre
Association de Défense de l’Environnement des communes de Murs, Cléré-du-Bois et des Alentours
member #840

UK: United Kindom
Winds Of Justice
member #839

France: Aquitaine
Association du val de Dronne et de La Double
member #838

Deutschland: Bayern
member #837

France: Lorraine
Association pour le Développementdurable du Santois
member #836

Deutschland: Baden-Württemberg
Verein für Mensch und Natur e.V. Kettenacker
member #835

Deutschland: Niedersachsen
BI Windkraft Dassel
member #834

France: Aquitaine-Landes
member #833

France: Franche-Comté
Le vent Tourne
member #832

Suisse: Jura vaudois
SOS Jura-Vaud (Sud)
member #831

France: Bretagne
member #830

France: Bourgogne
member #829

France: Limousin -Correze
Agir pour le Plateau des Etangs
member #828

Slovenija: Primorska
Civilna iniciativa za zaščito Senožeških Brd- DiegoLOREDAN -firefighter tehnique now retired
member #827

France: Centre
aest 37
member #826

France: Picardie
member #825

France: Pays de Loire
Vie Environnement et Patrimoine
member #824

Puerto_Rico: El Caribe
Coalición Pro Bosque Seco
member #823

Ireland: West Cork
West Cork Wind
member #822

Grèce: Laconia
Network for Environmental and Cultural Protection of Laconia
member #821

France: Languedoc-Roussillon
La Farigoule
member #820

Mexico: Istmo de Tehuntepec
member #819

France: Landes
Association Mézossaise pour la Protection de l'Environnement  (AMPE)
member #818

France: Bretagne
member #817

France: Bretagne
Gare aux Vents de Tresboeuf
member #816

France: Bretagne
Eolien Morbihan
member #815

France: Pays de la Loire
Non aux Eoliennes entre Noirmoutier et Yeu
member #814

Suisse: Surselva Graubünden
IG Sezner-UmSu-Grenerberg
member #813

France: Basse-Normandie
Association Contre les Projets Eoliens en Mer
member #812

France: Languedoc-Roussillon
Sauvons Puichéric, Blomac, Saint Couat
member #811

France: Pays de loire
member #810

Deutschland: Bayern
Art der Organisation
member #809

Ireland: Irland
Castlejordan/Ballinabrackey Windfarm Action Group
member #808

Ireland: Co Offaly
Rhode Parish Wind Turbine Action Group
member #807

Finland: Sydösterbotten
People Against Wind turbines in Finland
member #806

Turkey: West Turkey
Cesme surdulenebilir yasam platform
member #805

Deutschland: Ostwestfalen
Burger gegen Windpark Hirschweg
member #804

Deutschland: Zellertal, Violental
Burger fur ein zauberhaftes Zellertal
member #803

Deutschland: Oberfranken, Bayern
Gegenwind Effeltrich – Pinzberg – Poxdorf
member #802

Deutschland: Oberfranken, Bayern
Gegenwind Effeltrich – Pinzberg – Poxdorf
member #801

France: Poitou-Charentes
La Vallée des Singes
member #800

Alpe Adria Green
member #799

Ireland: County Mayo
Moygownagh / Kilfian Community and Landscape Protection Group
member #798

Deutschland: Hochsauerlandkreis, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Verein für Umwelt- und Naturschutz Schmallenberg
member #797

Ireland: Kildare, Leinster
North Kildare Environmental Protection Group
member #796

Deutschland: Schweinfurt, Unterfranken, Bayern
member #795

Deutschland: Nordfriesland, Schleswig-Holstein
Bürgerinitiative Mühlenberg
member #794

Ireland: Kildare, Leinster
Bog of Allen Communities Against Spin
member #793

UK: West Yorkshire, England
Slaithwaite Moor Opposes Giant Industrial Turbines
member #792

See the 877 members

Honorary members:

Val Martin
In recognition of services rendered to our common cause. A million thanks to Val Martin, who is our spokesman in Ireland since 2010.

Mouvement citoyen pour la protection de nos territoires envahis par l'éolien industriel
They came all the way from Canada, with their flags, to help us save Mont-Saint-Michel. Many thanks to our friends from Quebec! See the pictures

Read the messages of support


With us, demand a moratorium on European
wind energy projects

EPAW's objectives

The European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) was founded on October 4th 2008 by a small number of federations, associations and other groups from four EU countries. It now has 877 member organisations, from 27 countries. It is based in Ireland: see address below, before the list of officers.

The aim of EPAW is to defend the interests of its members which are either:

  • opposing one or more wind farm proposals;
  • or questioning the effectiveness of wind farms as a tool for solving the problems of man and the planet;
  • or defending the flora, fauna and landscapes from damage caused by wind farms, directly or through environmental degradation such as erosion, water contamination and bush fires;
  • or generally fighting against the damaging effects of wind farms on tourism, the economy, people's quality of life, the value of their properties and, increasingly often, their health;
  • or a combination of the above.


European associations, federations, or groups of citizens sharing one or more of the above interests may join EPAW. It is entirely free of charge. When accepted*, members will be added to our mailing list, and their names and email addresses** will appear on our webpage when clicking the appropriate country flag.

* We reserve the right to accept or decline requests to join, at our sole discretion, with or without explanations about the motives of our decisions. Memberships may also be cancelled in a similar way.

** These addresses are written in such a way that they cannot be picked-up by cyber "engines" to be used for spamming.

Request for a moratorium

We have complained to the European institutions, requesting the declaration of a moratorium on the approval of new wind farm projects, and on the construction of those which have been approved. The European Commission replied negatively, but we shall keep pressing until we achieve this goal.

Take action now

There is strength in numbers. EPAW represents over 550 associations, federations and groups from across Europe. Their details may be found on our homepage by clicking the various country flags. Membership is entirely free of charge.

Make EPAW work for you: if you belong to an organisation, it may apply for membership by sending the following message to

We wish to become members of EPAW.

  • Name of the organisation:
  • Nature of the organisation (association, platform, citizen's group, etc.):
  • Approximate number of people represented:
  • Country:
  • Region:
  • Email of the organisation:
  • Webpage, if any:
  • Attached logo, if any:

Title (must be the head of the organisation):

Thank you.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Mailing address

European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW),

c/o Val Martin,
Co. Cavan,
Republic of Ireland.

Management - List of officers and spokespersons

  • Chairman
    Jean-Louis Butré (President of the national federation Fédération Environnement Durable (FED), France)
    +33 680 993 808
  • Vice-Chairman
    Ferdinand Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Bartenstein (President of the national federation Bundesverband Landschaftsschutz, Germany)
  • Delegate-General
    Luc Rivet (Spokesman of the platform Vent de Raison, Belgium)
  • Technical and Legal Adviser
    Pat Swords (BE CEng FIChemE CEnv MIEMA, Ireland)
    +35 314 434 831
  • Research Manager
    Pat O'Brien (Senior Environmental Consultant, Ireland)
  • Spokesman for Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) plus Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
    Mauri Johansson, MD (Specialist in Community & Occupational Health. Master in Humanities and Health studies, MHH) - Prevention & Health Promotion (Denmark)
  • Spokeswoman for Germany
    Jutta Reichardt (founder of the regional federation Für Mensch und Natur - Gegenwind Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)
  • Spokesman for the Republic of Ireland
    Val Martin (Spokesman and Vice-Chairman of Kingscourt Residents against wind farming, Ireland)
  • Spokeswoman for Switzerland
    Fabienne Chapuis Hini (President of Les Travers du Vent, Switzerland)
    +41 328 611 535
  • Spokeswoman for the UK
    Susan Crosthwaite (former chair of CATS – Communities Against Turbines Scotland, and tourism specialist, UK)
    +44 7436 810 013